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The LYREBIRD PRESS was established at the University of Melbourne in 2006 to continue the work of Éditions de l’Oiseau-Lyre (The Lyrebird Press), established in Paris in 1932 by Melbourne-born publisher and patron of the arts Louise Hanson-Dyer (1884–1962). The focus of the Melbourne Lyrebird Press is music and Australia.

Lyrebird Press has published both books about music and music editions (see below) and we are the publishers of the scholarly book series, Australasian Music Research (AMR), founded in 1996. Authors and researchers into Australian music interested in publishing with us can find more information about AMR here, and guidelines for submission of book proposals are also available below.

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Guidelines for submissions of Book Proposals


Indicate a working title for the publication, or a brief description.


Include a short outline of the design of the book, its rationale, approach and distinguishing features.


Include a proposed chapter plan, with indicative titles.

Supporting documentation

Indicate whether the book will include illustrations, musical examples, glossaries, notes, bibliography, appendices or other supplementary information, or companion recording.

The market

Indicate whether there are existing books in the field and, if so, address their relative strengths and weaknesses. Is the intended market Australian or international, academic, scholarly, professional, reference or popular (i.e. what market is your book intended for?).


Indicate what proportion of the manuscript is complete and the timetable (if relevant) for completion.


Given an approximate length of the book. Lyrebird Press books are usually 70-80,000 words long.


Does the book require permission for reproduction of illustrations, musical examples or quotations? Are those permissions obtainable (i.e. do you have previous experience of obtaining them)? Note that it is the responsibility of the author to obtain any necessary copyright permissions for use of illustrations and musical examples and that any charges levied by the copyright holder for reproduction must be met by the author.

Sample chapter

Include one chapter which you regard as a significant component of the book. It need not be in final form (illustrations and musical examples, for instance, could be photocopies) though it should be representative of the quality of the book as a whole. Indicate which chapter you are submitting, number the pages, and if submitting by post do not bind the pages.

The author

Please indicate what you have previously published (and whether any of the proposed volume has previously been published), and any other information which would explain your qualification to write this book (include a list of publications or brief CV if you consider this helpful).


Your proposal will be refereed, and it is estimated that this process will take up to six weeks.


Indicate whether you have or are considering applying for a publication subvention for your proposal. Subventions would enable, for example, additional or high-quality illustrations.


Proposals should be submitted to the Series Editor, Dr Suzanne Robinson, by email to or by post to the Melbourne Conservatorium of Music, University of Melbourne, VIC 3010.

Editorial Board

AMR Editorial Advisory Board from 2017 (Vol. 16– )

Series editor:

Suzanne Robinson

Editorial board:

Michelle Arrow 
Macquarie University

Linda Barwick
University of Sydney

Elliott Gyger
University of Melbourne

Henry Johnson
University of Otago

Aline Scott-Maxwell
Monash University

Peter Tregear
University of Melbourne

Book Categories

  • Australasian Music Research, a scholarly monograph series devoted to all aspects of Australasian music and musical life.
  • Other Lyrebird Press books on Australian music outside the AMR series.
  • Lyrebird Press Music Editions of European and contemporary Australian music.
  • Other Melbourne Conservatorium of Music publications. Print music, books and sound recordings, published before 2006.

Australasian Music Research (AMR Books)

A book series devoted to all aspects of Australasian music and musical life.

Australasian Music Research (AMR) was founded in 1996 to promote study pertaining to Australian music and musicians, institutions and organisations, and in all styles and genres. Studies range from classical to popular, indigenous and traditional musics, including the regional, social and ethnic communities that have shaped Australian music from its origins to the present.

Originally conceived as an annual peer-reviewed journal, volumes 1-8 of AMR were published between 1996 and 2003 by the Centre for Studies in Australian Music (CSAM) at the University of Melbourne. After a brief hiatus, publication of AMR resumed under the auspices of Lyrebird Press, and since volume 9 has appeared as a monograph series. Australasian Music Research is the only Australian publisher’s series concentrating on research and scholarship in Australasian music and it aims to publish scholarship of the highest standard.

Australasian Music Research invites inquiries and proposals for volumes of approximately 80,000 words, framed according to the AMR Guidelines for Submission of Book Proposals. These should be submitted to the series editor, Dr Suzanne Robinson, by email at or by post to Lyrebird Press (see Contact page). Note that all proposals pass through a process of peer review prior to acceptance for publication.

Please note that Lyrebird Press also publishes books relating to music and Australia outside the AMR monograph series. Please contact Suzanne Robinson (see above) with your ideas for books that could be published independent of the series, such as shorter books, including critical biographies, or resources such as memoirs, edited interviews or letters. Please note, however, that Lyrebird Press does not publish uncritical biographies.


Music Editions

Critical editions of music.


Economical electronic editions as well as traditional publications of Australian music.


Editions of early music in the Éditions de l'Oiseau-Lyre tradition and beyond.


Other Melbourne Conservatorium of Music Publications

Editions published by the former Centre for the Study of Australian Music are exclusively available for purchase through Lyrebird Press.

Publications include music, books and sound recordings and earlier volumes of AMR 1-8 of AMR


Lyrebird Press distributes editions of Australian music published by the former Centre for Studies in Australian Music.

  • Stella, opera by G.W.L. Marshall-Hall (Historic Australian Operas No. 1)
    Full score: Spiral bound, xviii, 393 p. Out of print
    Vocal score: Spiral bound, xvi, 185 p. Out of print
    Description: Set to a libretto with local references, Stella (opera in 1 act: 1910) is a landmark Australian opera by Melbourne’s leading musical personality of the period, G.W.L. Marshall-Hall (1862-1915). Tracing the downfall of a young nurse at the hand of “respectable” society, the plot is a thinly disguised re-working of Marshall-Hall’s own experiences in Melbourne. At times deeply moving, the opera bears the influence of Wagner and Puccini, composers whose operas Marshall-Hall deeply admired.
Art Song
  • Songs by Dorian Le Gallienne (Historic Australian Art Song No. 1)

Description: Songs by Dorian Le Gallienne. A critical edition of eight previously unpublished songs with piano accompaniment by Melbourne composer, teacher and critic Dorian Le Gallienne (1915-1963) and the first volume in the Historic Australian art song series.

Shakespeare settings
  • Fear no more the heat of the sun (1943)
  • No longer mourn for me (1946)
  • How oft, when thou, my music (1946)
Songs on Australian texts
  • Moonlight (text by Hugh McCrae) (1948)
  • The cactus of the moon (text by Nancy Keesing) (1956)
Three songs (1957)
  • The Ghost (text by Omi Okura, trans. C.A. Walsh)
  • Winter (text by J.C. Hobson)
  • Cranes (text by T.W. Earp)

Format: Spiral bound, xii, 29 p. Out of print



Lyrebird Press distributes books on Australian music published by the former Centre for Studies in Australasian Music.


Sound recordings

Lyrebird Press is the distributor for The Soundabout Australia series of compact discs. The set comprises thirteen compact discs arranged in seven volumes, each with explanatory booklets written by experts. The recordings are all reissued from historic original recordings, where possible remastered to provide the best available quality. The booklets, with numerous illustrations, contain extended historical essays and bibliographic resources.


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