Dr Sally Treloyn

Associate Professor in Ethnomusicology and Intercultural Research

Dr Sally Treloyn (PhD Ethnomusicology, USYD) is an ARC Future Fellow and Associate Professor in Ethnomusicology and Intercultural Research in the Faculty of Fine Arts and Music. As Co-Director of the Research Unit for Indigenous Arts and Cultures at the Wilin Centre for Indigenous Arts and Cultural Development, Sally plays a strategic role in the Indigenous research and research training agenda of the Faculty.
Sally serves on the University's Education, Fine Arts Music and Business Human Ethics Sub-Committee, Faculty of Fine Arts and Music Inclusion and Diversity Committee, is a member of the Wilin Executive Committee, and is Graduate Convenor of Wilin's Masters and PhD programs. Sally's ARC Future Fellowship 'Singing the future: Assessing the effectiveness of repatriation for the vitality of Indigenous song' investigates the interplay of legacy recordings and cultural dynamics, particularly the role of database and content management systems in music sustainability. Sally is a non-Indigenous researcher of Indigenous Australian cultural heritage and practices. Her practice and scholarship involves troubling the assumptions of intercultural research in settler state contexts.