Print Workshop

The development of the VCA Print Workshop was completed in two stages so as to not impact the teaching program. Stage One (December 2016–February 2017) involved bringing together separate processing rooms under the one workshop roof, and the development of screen printing facilities. Stage Two (December 2017–February 2018) involved developments pertaining to Lithography and Etching.

Approximately 1,200 students are inducted annually to the VCA Print Workshop and the development program has been planned to facilitate consolidation, improvement and efficiencies, including:

  • Consolidating various separate print processing rooms into one Workshop that also incorporates Screen Printing as a new art-making process.
  • Best OHS through design.
  • Introducing new, bespoke Etching and Lithography presses (sourced locally and internationally).
  • Increasing the hours of Workshop operation/supported access from seven hours daily previously to 16 hours daily when complete.
  • Creating a resource for future workshop developments at other institutions.
  • By assimilating and fusing industry processes and protocols with our communal knowledge we have set a new standard in Educational Workshops, which is nationally benchmarked.

Feedback and consultation

The Southbank Campus Redevelopment program has been undertaken in close collaboration with the Victorian State Government, our philanthropic partners, the University of Melbourne, Faculty staff and students, and our Southbank neighbours.

To discuss the project, ask questions or give feedback please contact our project team at


  • Hatz Architects


  • A purpose built centre for all print workshop and development students
  • New etching and lithography facilities


  • Consolidate various separate printing facilities into a single workshop
  • Provide a facility that introduces new bespoke printing processes with longer opening hours


  • Print Workshop Stage One: December 2016–February 2017
  • Print Workshop Stage 2: December 2017–February 2018


  • University of Melbourne