The Stables

Transformation of the historic Victoria Police Mounted Branch Stables into new student artist studios, Faculty work and meeting spaces, performance space and walkways open to the public. Designed by Kerstin Thompson Architect, the $18 million refurbishment project is supported by The Ian Potter Foundation and Myer Foundation and family. The redevelopment provides a new entry point to the Southbank campus.

The Stables. Photo: Trevor Mein, 2018.

Designed by Kerstin Thompson Architects, the former Police Stables on Dodds Street have been transformed into a visual arts wing, creating a new entry point into the University and opening the Southbank campus to students, local businesses and residents.

Opened in 2018, the refurbished Stables provides new art studios, exhibition spaces, office accommodation for VCA Art and a flexible. 260-seat performance space for general use.

The heritage features of The Stables are maintained through the preservation of its bluestone mounting yards, red brick fa├žade and unique octagonal roof and skylight. The Stable’s stalls have been repurposed as student artist studios.

The $18 million refurbishment was made possible thanks to the generous philanthropic donations from the Myer Foundation, The Ian Potter Foundation and Martyn and Louise Myer.

Feedback and Consultation

The Southbank Campus Redevelopment program has been undertaken in close collaboration with the Victorian State Government, our philanthropic partners, the University of Melbourne, Faculty staff and students, and our Southbank neighbours.

To discuss the project, ask questions or give feedback please contact our project team at

Principal partners



  • Kerstin Thompson Architects

Principal Partners

  • Ian Potter Foundation
  • Myer Foundation
  • Martyn & Louise Myer


  • New entry to the Southbank campus
  • Public walkways
  • New art studios
  • Exhibition spaces
  • Office accommodation for VCA Art
  • Flexible performance area for general use


  • The Stables will create public performance, event and exhibition spaces while providing a new entry to the Southbank campus
  • It will cater for an expected 20% increase in student numbers from 2010 to 2020


  • $18 million


  • Construction commenced June 2016
  • Completed 2018


  • Philanthropic donations from the Myer Foundation, the Ian Potter Foundation and Martyn and Louise Myer Ian Potter Foundation
  • The University of Melbourne
  • Victorian Government