The Wilin Centre’s engaging new location

The Wilin Centre for Indigenous Arts and Cultural Development will be expanded to cater for significant growth and provide a new, engaging street presence on Southbank Boulevard. The Wilin Centre connects Indigenous artists with a pathway to their future in visual and performing arts, design, film and television and production. Situated on the Southbank campus, the Wilin Centre fosters innovation in the research, development, advocacy and presentation of Indigenous arts and cultural practice.

The Wilin Centre for Indigenous Arts and Cultural Development (Wilin Centre) is to be expanded and relocated.

With new frontage on to Southbank Boulevard, the upgraded and improved Wilin Centre will increase visibility of the University’s Indigenous arts and cultural activity and profile, and create new opportunities for engagement with the public and supporters.

To manage forecast growth in student numbers and deliver on the University’s Reconciliation Action Plan, the Wilin Centre needs to be relocated.

The $1.5 million refurbishing and repurposing of an existing building on the Southbank campus will provide a sufficient footprint to accommodate the scaled-up Wilin Centre.

Feedback and Consultation

The Southbank Campus Redevelopment program has been undertaken in close collaboration with the Victorian State Government, our philanthropic partners, the University of Melbourne, Faculty staff and students, and our Southbank neighbours.

To discuss the project, ask questions or give feedback please contact our project team at


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  • Project to commence in 2018