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Editions de l’Oiseau-Lyre

JOHANN SEBASTIAN BACH: Pièce d'orgue, BWV 572a
ed. Kenneth Gilbert, xii + 10 pp. [Le Grand Clavier, vol XIII]

OL 283
RRP: $24

JOHN BLOW, Venus and Adonis
ed. Anthony Lewis, iv + 95 pp.
Unnumbered full score (parts available); for boxed set with parts and Laurencin prints see Limited Editions

OL 127
RRP: $60

JACQUES CHAMPION DE CHAMBONNIÈRES: Les deux Livres de Clavecin (1670) ed. Thurston Dart. This is a reprint
(with good page turns) of the edition published by Oiseau-Lyre in 1969. Based on the original print, it includes variants from several manuscript sources of particular interest to the performer.
84 pp. + 1 p. of facsimile.

OL 227
RRP: $61

P. Brunold (1938), rev. T. Dart. The two Suites (C major and C minor) from the 1704 publication. A few corrections to Dart's 1964 revision of Brunold, in a layout ensuring good page turns. iv + 15 pp.

OL 92
RRP: $24

FRANÇOIS COUPERIN: Anthology of harpsichord works taken from the four volumes of the Pièces de clavecin. 20 pieces graded in order of difficulty, including a preface, 48 pp.

RE 941
RRP: $26

FRANÇOIS COUPERIN: Huit Préludes, Allemande(from L'Art de toucher le Clavecin), 16 pp. (Gilbert-Moroney)

RE 942
RRP: $16

3 pp., published 1938

OL 99
RRP: $10

CHARLES DIEUPART: Six suites pour clavecin (1701)
ed. P. Brunold, rev. K. Gilbert. These suites also appeared in transcriptions for violin or flute and continuo. The edition provides not only the solo harpsichord version but also facsimiles of the original instrumental parts. 64 pp. + 32 pp. of facsimiles.

OL 31
RRP: $66

JACQUES DUPHLY: Pièces de clavecin avec violon (1756)
ed. Olivier Baumont, x + 53 pp. [Le Grand Clavier, vol. III]

OL 273
RRP: $45

PIERRE FÉVRIER: Pièces de clavecin (1734)
ed. Edward Smith, xiii + 48 pp. [Le Grand Clavier, vol. XI]

OL 281
RRP: $42

JOHANN JACOB FROBERGER: 2 Motetsed. Yves Ruggeri. This is the first edition of these important works (SST, 2 violins, BC), the only known non-keyboard music of Froberger. Parts are included, 43 pp.

OL 251
RRP: $33

JACQUES HARDEL: Pièces de clavecin
ed. Denis Herlin, xvi + 20 pp. [Le Grand Clavier, vol. V]

OL 275
RRP: $42

NICOLAS LEBÈGUE: Pièces de clavecined. Norbert Dufourcq and Ruggero Gerlin, 92 pp.

OL 199
No longer available 

JEAN-MARIE LECLAIR l'L’Aîné Six Sonates pour violon et clavecin ou pianoed. Marc Mincherle, bass realised by Laurence Boulay. Six sonatas in six parts - I, II, III, IV, V and VI - available separately, in a set of six ($100) or in the complete hardback edition ($120).

RRP: $20 each one

selected by Maurice Cauchie, published 1957, [vii], 80 p.

OL 200
RRP $40

MARIN MARAIS: Pièces de clavecin tirées d'Alcide (1693)ed. Laurence Boulay, with an Introductory Note by Bruce Gustafson. This is the first modern edition (2005) of the original print.

OL 285
RRP: $40

LOUIS MARCHAND: Pièces de clavecin (1699, 1702)
ed. Thurston Dart (1960), rev. Davitt Moroney (1987), 40 pp.

OL 217
RRP: $34

W.A. MOZART: Menuetti K.V. 176 - N.C. 195 ed. Edvard Fendler (1939), miniature score (20 p.) and 4 parts (optional)

OL 124
RRP: $15

Miniature Song Series

JOHN BLOW: Three songs from Amphion Anglicus (1938)

OL 80
RRP: $30

FRANÇOIS COUPERIN: Trois chansons (1938)

No longer available

PELHAM HUMPHREY: Three songs (1938)

OL 71
RRP: $30

MATTHEW LOCKE: Three songs (1938), edited by Anthony Lewis, 16 p.

OL 79
RRP: $30

SAMUEL PEPYS: Three songs (1936)

RRP: $30


FRANÇOIS COUPERIN by Paul Brunold (1949), in an English translation, 77 p. RRP: $30