Pipes and Chamber Music

Editions de l’Oiseau-Lyre

Charles Koechlin: Septuor d'Instruments à Vent, op. 165 (1937)
Wind Septet for flute, oboe, English horn, clarinet in A, alton saxophone in Eb, horn in F, bassoon
Full score amd parts, 60 pp. A reprint of the 1947 Oiseau-Lyre edition

OL 144

No longer available

Music for Pipes

XIIIeme siecle motets a jouer sur le pipeau, edited by Yvonne Rokseth

OL 42

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Pipeaux 1934: Seven pieces for Pipes (or recorders) and keyboard by
D.Milhaud: Exercice Musical
A. Roussel: Pipe in D Major
J.Ibert: Pastoral for four pipes
G.Auric: Scherzo
F.Poulenc: Villanelle
P.O. Ferroud: Pas redoublé
H. Martelli: 3 Mélodies pour pipeau
Score. 21 pp. (pieces not available separately)A reprint of the 1934 Oiseau-Lyre edition

RE 934

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Piper's music by Arthur Benjamin, Peggy Glanville-Hicks, Esther Rofe and John Tallis.
With 1934: Melbourne centenary music book: Australian composers piper's music
paper banner on cover, 20 p.

OL 34

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 Darius Milhaud: Exercice musical pour pipeau, flute ou flageolet (1934), 3 p.
(First item only from Pipeaux 1934 above)

OL 39

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Imogen Holst: Six Scottish folksongs (arr. for voice and pipes with piano accompaniment)

OL 56

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Russian folksongs (arr. for voice and pipes with piano accompaniment)

OL 55

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Piper's Music, The Dancing Schoole: Five pieces for bamboo pipes adapted
by Arthur Benjamin from tunes taken from "The Dancing Master", London 1719
(Published 1934), 16 p.

OL 49

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Margaret Sutherland: Song of contentment - Music for pipes and percussion (1935)

OL 53

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