Australasian Music Research (AMR Books)

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A book series devoted to all aspects of Australasian music and musical life.

Australasian Music Research (AMR) was founded in 1996 to promote study pertaining to Australian music and musicians, institutions and organisations, and in all styles and genres. Studies range from classical to popular, indigenous and traditional musics, including the regional, social and ethnic communities that have shaped Australian music from its origins to the present.

Originally conceived as an annual peer-reviewed journal, volumes 1-8 of AMR were published between 1996 and 2003 by the Centre for Studies in Australian Music (CSAM) at the University of Melbourne. After a brief hiatus, publication of AMR resumed under the auspices of Lyrebird Press, and since volume 9 has appeared as a monograph series. Australasian Music Research is the only Australian publisher’s series concentrating on research and scholarship in Australasian music and it aims to publish scholarship of the highest standard.

Australasian Music Research invites inquiries and proposals for volumes of approximately 80,000 words, framed according to the AMR Guidelines for Submission of Book Proposals. These should be submitted to the series editor, Dr Suzanne Robinson, by email at or by post to Lyrebird Press (see Contact page). Note that all proposals pass through a process of peer review prior to acceptance for publication.

Please note that Lyrebird Press also publishes books relating to music and Australia outside the AMR monograph series. Please contact Suzanne Robinson (see above) with your ideas for books that could be published independent of the series, such as shorter books, including critical biographies, or resources such as memoirs, edited interviews or letters. Please note, however, that Lyrebird Press does not publish uncritical biographies.

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AMR Volumes 1-8

Volume 8 (2003) Music and the Australian Media

Edited by Anne-Marie Forbes, volume 8 (2003) reflects new research in reception studies and the role of the media in developing music and music making.

Volume 7 (2002)

Edited by Deborah Crisp, volume 7 (2002) comprises articles originating as Musicological Society of Australia national conference papers.

Volume 6 (2001) [Out of Print]

Edited by Dr Kay Dreyfus.

Volume 5 (2000) Percy Grainger Issue [Also for sale at the Grainger Museum, University of Melbourne]

Articles about Grainger in a volume of AMR (2000) edited by Malcolm Gillies and Mark Carroll.

Volume 4 (1999)

Edited by Kay Dreyfus (with assistant editor, Jennifer Hill), an informal theatre theme emerges from the articles presented in this volume (1999).

Volume 2/3 (1997-8)

Volumes 2 & 3 (1997-1998) in one issue, edited by Dr Royston Gustavson with assistant editors Suzanne Cole and Jennifer Hill.

Volume 1 (1996)

Edited by Royston Gustavson, the inaugural issue of this refereed publication devoted to the study of all aspects of Australian music and musical life.

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