AMR Proposal Guidelines and Editorial Board

Lyrebird Press Australia

Guidelines for Submission of Book Proposals


Indicate a working title for the publication, or a brief description.


Include a short outline of the design of the book, its rationale, approach and distinguishing features.


Include a proposed chapter plan, with indicative titles.

Supporting Documentation

Indicate whether the book will include illustrations, musical examples, glossaries, notes, bibliography, appendices or other supplementary information, or companion recording.

The Market

Indicate whether there are existing books in the field and, if so, address their relative strengths and weaknesses. Is the intended market Australian or international, academic, scholarly, professional, reference or popular (i.e. what market is your book intended for?).


Indicate what proportion of the manuscript is complete and the timetable (if relevant) for completion.


Given an approximate length of the book. Lyrebird Press books are usually 70-80,000 words long.


Does the book require permission for reproduction of illustrations, musical examples or quotations? Are those permissions obtainable (i.e. do you have previous experience of obtaining them)? Note that it is the responsibility of the author to obtain any necessary copyright permissions for use of illustrations and musical examples and that any charges levied by the copyright holder for reproduction must be met by the author.

Sample Chapter

Include one chapter which you regard as a significant component of the book. It need not be in final form (illustrations and musical examples, for instance, could be photocopies) though it should be representative of the quality of the book as a whole. Indicate which chapter you are submitting, number the pages, and if submitting by post do not bind the pages.

The Author

Please indicate what you have previously published (and whether any of the proposed volume has previously been published), and any other information which would explain your qualification to write this book (include a list of publications or brief CV if you consider this helpful).


Your proposal will be refereed, and it is estimated that this process will take up to six weeks.


Indicate whether you have or are considering applying for a publication subvention for your proposal. Subventions would enable, for example, additional or high-quality illustrations.


Proposals should be submitted to the Series Editor, Dr Suzanne Robinson, by email to or by post to the Melbourne Conservatorium of Music, University of Melbourne, VIC 3010.

Editorial Board

AMR Editorial Advisory Board from 2017 (Vol. 16– )

Series Editor:

Suzanne Robinson

Editorial Board:

Michelle Arrow
Macquarie University

Linda Barwick
University of Sydney

Elliott Gyger
University of Melbourne

Henry Johnson
University of Otago

Aline Scott-Maxwell
Monash University

Peter Tregear
University of Melbourne