Funding for your research, including the Faculty Small Grants Scheme.

Faculty Small Grants Scheme

The Faculty Small Grant Scheme (FSGS) offers funding for graduate researchers to undertake activities associated with their research projects. Applications are made online. Applications are assessed by a Grants Sub Committee of the Faculty Research Committee through a competitive process. Masters graduate researchers who have successfully completed their Confirmation (Formal Review) and PhD graduate researchers admitted to Confirmed candidature are eligible to apply. Masters graduate researchers may apply for up to $1,500 and PhDs up to $3,000 in total throughout their candidature.

Prestigious Overseas Travel Scheme

The purpose of the Prestigious Overseas Travel Scheme (POTS) is to support the presentation of doctoral research at an international level. The focus on the prestigious nature of the presentation is paramount to success in this scheme. This fund aims to support the travel costs for doctoral researchers to present at international conferences, forums and networks. International travel must be of at least 10 days research-related activity that entails at least one distinct purpose that is clearly relevant and academically justifiable but not essential to the completion of the thesis. The purpose must include the presentation of doctoral research, and result in a reportable Research Output. Applications are assessed by the Grants Sub Committee of the Faculty Research Committee through a competitive process. Applications are made online through the FSGS application form, which includes a subsection related to POTS that applicants must complete. The deadlines are the same as for the FSGS. PhD graduate researchers admitted to Confirmed candidature are eligible to apply for an award of $1,500. POTS can only be awarded once during PhD candidature.

FSGS and POTS deadlines: 1st February, 1st May and 1st September at 5pm.

Please note, if the application deadline falls on a weekend or public holiday, applications will be accepted online until the next business day. No late applications will be accepted.

Applications: Graduate Researcher Applications for both FSGS and POTS are made online using the same form.

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Outcomes: Outcomes are normally advised within three weeks of the FSGS application deadline, and all successful recipients must submit a FSGS or POTS report to acquit the funds within one month of completing the project.

Important Reminders:

  • Graduate Researchers who are travelling MUST have their Study Away application already approved and provide the approval letter and insurance as supporting documents BEFORE being eligible to apply for this scheme.
  • Allow enough time to complete your application including getting supporting documentation, applying for Study Away and obtaining a letter of support from your supervisor.
  • Please only attach Word documents, PDFs and Excel spreadsheets as supporting documents. Other file types may not open successfully and your content may not be retained.
  • Use the graduate researcher Application Draft Sheet that contains ALL of the questions within the application to work on your draft, then just copy and paste into the online form, once you have gathered all of your supporting documentation. You cannot save the online application as you go.
  • You will receive a confirmation email once your application has been successfully submitted. If you do not receive a confirmation email, your application has not been received so please contact the Research Office. For any queries about the FSGS, please contact the Faculty of Fine Arts and Music Research Office ( or 03 9035 9175)


Contact the Faculty Research Office for queries about the FSGS :

Staff Faculty Small Grants Scheme information is on the Staff Hub.

Faculty Graduate Student Assistance Grants

This scheme is coordinated by the Faculty Scholarships Office and offers up to $500 for graduate students for purposes associated with their study, including equipment and materials.

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