IIC Presents: Grace Ferguson’s 'Dares to Claim the Sky'


Isolation Improvisation Collective
Image credit: Isolation Improvisation Collective (2020)

Isolation Improvisation Collective Presents:
Grace Ferguson’s 'Dares to Claim the Sky'
Online Performance

Available from Thursday 19 November

To celebrate the release of the digital album/book, 'Telematic Music' through Nice Music, join the Isolation Improvisation Collective in premiering, 'Dares to Claim the Sky'.

This piece was written for the Isolation Improvisation Collective by Grace Ferguson and invites performers to reflect on Maya Angelou's poem 'Caged Bird' (1983). In the score for the piece, Ferguson writes,

'Melody and gesture are free to roam through tonal space as a painter is free to draw and paint free lines, free curves...'

Featuring contributions from:

Monica Lim - Piano
Theo Carbo - Guitar
Hardy Mills - Poetry
Genevieve Fry - Harp
Gwen Lin - Video Edit
Briony Barr - Drawing
Caitlyn Lesiuk - Guitar
Grace Ferguson - Piano
Emma McMahon - Harp
Esala Liyanage - Drums
Jack Burton - Synthesis
Joel Robertson - Trumpet
Ceridwen McCooey - Cello
Flora Carbo - Alto Saxophone
Patrick Telfer - Network Engineering
Isha Ram Das - Telematic Processing
Sophie Weston - Flute, Piccolo Flute, Alto Flute
Giovanna Yate Gonzalez - Dance, Lighting Design

Keep up to date with the premiere via Facebook and tune into the performance via YouTube.
For more information on the IIC, visit the Isolation Improvisation Collective website.

The Isolation Improvisation Collective  were supported by the Experimental Collaborations Grant, funded by the SSAF Grant Program and UMSU Southbank.