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Indoor Yachting
Indoor Yachting curated by Rebecca Suares-Jury

Indoor Yachting
Exhibition catalogue 
Online and printed publication 

Indoor Yachting is a project that stems from the questioning of how seemingly trivial and mundane objects or experiences add to the rhythm of life. In turn, elevating these often overlooked elements of the everyday into more noticeable occurrences. Indoor Yachting is a small enquiry and exploration of these notions. Negotiating the potential for quotidian objects and experiences to cultivate a sense of grounding or new found intrigue throughout our collective monotony and day to day; especially throughout the COVID 19 lockdown. Indoor Yachting debuted at the VCA Artspace as a digital exhibition from the 24th of August until the 28th of August, and is now presented in a publication that is available to order as a physical book as well as being available digitally.

Access the publication and further project details on the Indoor Yachting website.

The Indoor Yachting catalogue was produced with the support of the Experimental Collaborations Grant, funded by the SSAF Grant Program and UMSU Southbank.