Katarzyna Wiktorski Octet- From a Distance EP Launch



Image for Katarzyna Wiktorski Octet- From a Distance EP Launch
From a Distance EP. Artwork credit: Edwin Carl Capalla

Katarzyne Wiktorski Octet
From a Distance EP
Available online via Bandcamp 

From a Distance is four-track EP of original music fusing an unconventional string quartet with a jazz quartet composed by graduating Bachelor of Music (Jazz and Improvisation) student Katarzyna Wiktorski. Recorded remotely during lock down with a selection of current students, alumni, and independent musicians, the resulting EP draws from personal experiences to create an emotional, ornate listening experience. Featuring compositions influenced by classical, jazz, film music, and contemporary sensibilities, From a Distance will be launched on 13 November via Bandcamp. For more insight into the project, visit the Katarzyna Wiktorski Octet website.

From a Distance by the Katarzyna Wiktorski Octet was produced as part of the Experimental Collaborations Grant, supported by the SSAF Grant program and UMSU Southbank.