Act 2

1. Hyperfocus (2019)
Dance Film

Created by Gabriel Sinclair
Choreographed by Gabriel Sinclair and Thalia Livingstone
Performed by Thalia Livingstone
Composed by Loulou Wheeler
Featuring Cello by With space residency from Andrew Treloar Special thanks to Lachlan Wolters, Sue Healey, Tracie Mitchell, Bronte Sinclair

**Strobe warning. The final minute of this film may not be suitable for persons with photosensitive epilepsy.**

Artist Statement
I need stimulus. The need is insatiable.
I crave it between each twitch, breath, and step.
I didn’t choose to be born this way, I tried not to let it define me.
It did. And will continue to do so unless I define it.
This is my definition.

Hyperfocus is a short dance film created in 2019 for the VCA Dance elective Screen Dance.
It follows one lone body and their conquest for control of their home.

2. ˈwɔː kɪŋ (2020)
Multimedia (Composition and Film)

Music and vocals: Sue-Anne Tan
Music video: Edward Foo

Artist Statement
'ˈwɔː kɪŋ' (or '2020 in a Nutshell) references how the modern human seems to always be at war, whether it's with a pandemic, with nature, or with each other. This piece was very much inspired by the singer Miyashita Yuu. I took a very experimental approach and basically wrote and recorded it at the same time with only one rule in mind: to push myself both vocally and musically outside of my comfort zone. Edward responded to the music by playing on the themes that were present throughout, while working within the constraints of both time and of public domain archival footage.

3. On the Road (2020)
Short Documentary Film

Director/Editor: Arctic Chao Qu
Narrator: Cathy Fangda Yang

Artist Statement
In this short documentary, we follow an Uni Melb Chinese international student Cathy Yang, and her stay in Cambodia in the hope to return to her study in Australia amid the travel ban policy. Among the temple ruins of Angkor Wat, Cathy speaks her experience of the COVID-19 epidemic lockdown, why the travel ban has pushed her to this journey, and an untold story of a broken Wuhan family. On 1st February 2020, the Australian government issued a travel ban on China, prohibiting any traveller who had visited mainland China in the past 14 days from entering Australia. This policy resulted in over 100,000 Chinese international students not able to return to Australia to continue their studies. Many had to embark on a long journey to return - travel to a third country first, and after 14 days of the visit, travel back to Australia from the third country.