Job Applications for Creatives: Nailing the Cover Letter and Key Selection Criteria


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Job applications are part science and part art. Nailing an application that tells a compelling story about you and your skills can be frustrating if you don’t have a framework. And how do you demonstrate experience if this is your first role? That whole “I need the job to get experience doing the job” dilemma.  Join conductor, entrepreneur and educator Ingrid Martin (Conducting Artistry) for a special session on job applications.
The session will cover topics including:

  • writing cover letters that demonstrate you are a great fit for the job
  • addressing Key Selection Criteria even if you don’t have the exact skills they’re asking for
  • translating and transposing your creative and artistic skills to work in any area

Want more job application tips? Check out the accompanying session Job Applications for Creatives: What Do I Put On My Resume?

About your host

Ingrid Martin is the Artistic Director and Conductor of the Crosswinds Ensemble, Victorian Youth Symphony Orchestra and Bayside Chamber Orchestra. Ingrid shares her unique approach to musical leadership through Conducting Artistry, her online learning platform for conductor development.