How do I get more gigs? Make them!


Ingrid Martin conducting

Waiting for the phone to ring for someone to book you puts all the control in someone else's hands. It's a lottery, and the odds aren't in your favour. However, when you stage your own performances you can make the music you want, with the people you want. But with great power comes great responsibility!

We'll demystify the process of putting on your own show, and unpack all the things no-one seems to tell you in your degree including:

  • Booking & Paying Musicians
  • Music Licensing
  • Venue Hire
  • Insurance
  • Budgeting
  • Marketing
  • How people create a reputation for themselves (good and bad!)

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This session is designed for musicians, but contains universal ideas for creatives in any discipline.

About your host

When conductor Ingrid Martin was a second-year medical student she funded, created and staged a day-long multi-venue music festival, hosting 16 ensembles and hundreds of musicians from across Victoria.

Since that brave (and naive!) baptism of fire she's learned a thing or two about running gigs. Over the last 18 years she's produced and funded hundreds of performances, and tours on three continents that forge unlikely connections like:

  • an orchestra concert funded by National Science Week
  • a university conducting recital in a pub where she acted with a terrible English accent, and interviewed a dead composer (there was a banjo...)
  • a theatrical murder mystery concert with a community concert band

She's passionate about helping other musicians find their passion, and nurture their own audiences. Ingrid is gifted at helping others see unlikely connections, communicate clearly and confidently about their skills and deliver professional events.