IgniteLAB Career Consultations



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You're graduating! So, what's next for you? 

Do you need help knowing where to look for work? Or writing a cover letter? Or perhaps you're curious about where else your skills might be wanted? Maybe you're looking for funding and grant opportunities, or you want to keep upskilling and learning? Or you're ready to look for ways to sustainably rest after 2021...

Book in for an IgniteLAB career consultation if you want to chat about what might lie ahead for you as an artist and how you might get there!

Designed for students and graduates of the Conservatorium of Music.

About IgniteLAB
IgniteLAB is a world-class professional development program that supports the development of creative entrepreneurship and enterprise skills from the first day of our students' journey so that our graduates are prepared to create their own opportunities.