You are an artist and that is how you have to live

Hannah Gartside in the studio. Photograph by Ilona Nelson (2021).

In this session Georgia Spain (2015 BFA Painting graduate) and Hannah Gartside (2016 BFA Sculpture, 2019 Honours graduate) will share stories of making and exhibiting art, and what they have learnt/ what has worked for them in the combined 10 years of living as artists after uni. They will cover: following your impulses and trusting the ideas, money, talking to people about your work, celebrating each other’s successes, working with fabricators, entering competitions, ‘promoting’ your work and representation.

This session is perfect for graduating visual artists contemplating the next steps in their practice.

About your Hosts

Hannah Gartside is an artist living and working on Boonwurrung and Wurundjeri country. She makes sculptures, installations and costumes. Embedded in feminism and material culture, Hannah uses worn textiles to present ways of experiencing the profound sensuality and subjectivity of our relationship to the physical world. For the past twelve months she has been making new kinetic sculptures in fabric and steel, for Primavera 2021: Young Australian Artists, opening this month at the Museum of Contemporary Art, NSW.

Georgia Spain is a visual artist and musician living and working on Boonwurrung and Wurundjeri country. Her work often explores the complexities of human behaviour; using narrative and storytelling to examine the cultural, political and personal. Her paintings frequently look at ideas around human spectacle, theatricality, ritual and ceremony. She is interested in the emotional and performative exchanges between people in social and psychological spaces and in her paintings physical connection is explored through bodies in groupings. Georgia is currently represented by Tolarno Galleries.