Orientation: Make the Most of Melbourne

Congratulations to all students who have accepted their offer to study at the Faculty of Fine Arts and Music at the University of Melbourne.

Orientation for the Bachelor of Music (Performance, Composition, Musicology, and Ethnomusicology) will be held on Tuesday, July 17. A detailed schedule of mid-year Orientation activity will be available shortly. In the meantime, the links below will help you to get started on your journey at the Faculty of Fine Arts and Music.

For enrolment needs, speak to Stop 1. They can help you with a wide range of administrative tasks.

Book an appointment or find resources from Academic Skills.

If you are ever finding things a little rough you should contact Counselling and Psychological Services. They have workshops, resources and also individual appointments.

If you need representation you could speak to your Student Representative from UMSU.

You have access to all University libraries, including our Faculty's Louise Hanson-Dyer Music Library, the Lenton Parr Library and Visual and Performing Arts Library.

We have a new timetabling system called ASIMUT. You can use it to make room bookings.

The whole of the Southbank Campus is undergoing significant redevelopment. More information here,

If you missed the compulsory sessions for the Bachelor of Music you should get in contact with your academics immediately, as in some cases they use the New Student interviews to determine your teachers. If you are in the PCME Stream of the Bachelor of Music, please see the Student Guide here.