Portfolio Recordings Support Scheme for Music

PhD students in Jazz and Improvisation and Music Performance can apply for support towards the production of their performance portfolio for examination.

Melbourne Conservatorium of Music

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Melbourne Conservatorium of Music Portfolio Recordings Support Scheme for Doctoral Students in Music Performance and Jazz and Improvisation

Funding Guidelines and Application Form

The Melbourne Conservatorium of Music Portfolio Recordings Support Scheme assists Doctoral students in the disciplines of Jazz and Improvisation and Music Performance towards the production of their portfolio recordings in their candidature confirmation and for submission in the final examination process.

The Conservatorium employs an in-house audio engineer, Mr Haig Burnell, (students are not to communicate with Haig directly until a decision has been made regarding your application) who is available to assist in the production of high-quality audio and video recording files suitable for the examination of the portfolio performance works. No other audio engineer will be considered for MCM funding. Please submit your application to the program coordinator, by emailing Justin Kenealy. Haig should not be approached until an application has been approved for funding.

The total number of hours allocated to each student over their candidature for this is a maximum of 30 hours for the maximum number of minutes of recorded works, that is, for Music Performance, 210 minutes of recorded music and a 20,000-word written thesis (or equivalent pro rata reductions in allocations for a portfolio consisting of less recorded music and a longer written thesis). Up to 30% of this time will be available towards the confirmation process. Other variations on this amount of time are to be adjusted accordingly. For Jazz and Improvisation, an equivalent to be worked out with the Head of area and supervisory panel should apply, with, again, the maximum of 30 hours of recording of works to be submitted for examination available over the candidature.

Please note

Post-confirmation, you should approach the Faculty Small Grant Scheme in the first instance to support remaining recording costs. This Scheme should also be used for all other costs and activities associated with the portfolio submission. For example, the Conservatorium will fund six hours for keyboard accompanists. The FSGS should be approached for paying for extra associate artists, before any requests from this fund are submitted.

Please also be aware that recording free of extraneous noise is only possible at certain times of the year; this normally occurs outside the teaching semesters and practical recital examination weeks.

Doctoral students who seek the assistance of the MCM’s audio engineer must book their studio recording time well in advance of when they wish to record (this is normally at six-nine months prior to the recording session). Failure to plan ahead will result in funds being withdrawn and future applications being rejected.


  1. In order to ensure that, in line with strict University mandates, students will submit their portfolio in a timely manner, all allotted recording hours must be used within the first three years of candidature. Applications for funding beyond the three years full-time enrolment (or equivalent part-time) will not be considered.
  2. Recordings must be undertaken using Conservatorium facilities. The use of non-Conservatorium facilities is not allowed, unless approved as part of the application process.
  3. Retrospective applications for funding will not be considered


PhD candidates in Jazz and Improvisation and in Music Performance from the Melbourne Conservatorium of Music are eligible to apply for the Award during the first three years of candidature (or equivalent part-time).

Current students may apply for pro-rata funding of the first three years of their candidature (FTE) i.e., a full-time candidate in their second year, may apply for up to 20 hours over the next two years; a full-time candidate in their third year, may apply for up to 10 hours.

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