MCM Director's Writing Up Award

Support for Doctoral Research at the MCM

MCM Director’s Writing-Up Award Scholarships for Exceptional Doctoral Research

The MCM Director’s Writing-Up Award Scholarship for Exceptional Doctoral Research will be awarded on a competitive basis for the purpose of supporting outstanding PhD students to produce high quality research outputs over and above that of the submitted thesis/creative work portfolios. The number and amount awarded is contingent on funds being available for this purpose as part of the Conservatorium’s annual budget allocation.

The award comes into effect immediately following submission of the thesis, for a maximum of 3 months during the examination period. The maximum amount is up to $7,500.


PhD candidates from the Melbourne Conservatorium of Music who are “under examination”, and who have had their thesis approved for examination by their principal supervisor, are eligible to apply for the Award. Recipients must include a declaration that they are not working or receiving remuneration or salary for more than 15 hours per week during the writing-up period.

Deadlines for applications

1 February, 1 May and 1 September at 5pm.

Submit applications the Fine Arts and Music Research Office and include MCM Director's Write Up Award in the subject line.

Selection Criteria

Recipients of the MCM Director’s Writing-Up Award Scholarship for Exceptional Doctoral Researchshall be decided upon by evaluation of the following criteria:

  • Recommendation by the student’s supervisors and advisory panel chair
  • Quality and potential impact of research output produced during the period of the award
  • Any other recognition, such as community engagement, professional recognition, Early Career Researcher or ARC DECRA Grant applications, for example, that may arise from supported research.

Determination of Recipient

The MCM Director shall convene a committee to consider nominations for the award. The committee shall be determined by the MCM Director and will normally consist of:

  • MCM Director
  • Associate Director (Research & Research Training) (MCM)
  • One additional senior academic from the MCM

This committee will make a recommendation on the basis of the above criteria. The MCM Director will make the final decision as to whether the student will receive the MCM Director’s Writing-Up Award Scholarship for Exceptional Doctoral Research based on the committee’s rankings and available funding for that year.


Grant recipients must acknowledge the support of the Melbourne Conservatorium of Music in all research outputs produced from the grant. Recipients must enter publication outputs into Minerva. The Faculty Research Office will provide assistance in administering the grant.

Timing of payments

The grant will be paid in two installments: 75% on submission of your thesis, the balance on proof of submitted work to publisher/editor/CD label etc.


Research Output: In the Melbourne Conservatorium of Music a research output can include Traditional Research Outputs and Practice-Based Research Outputs.These encompass, but are not limited to:

  • an article in an academic journal, preparation of/proposal to publisher for a monograph
  • a chapter in a scholarly book
  • a conference paper with publication in peer-reviewed proceedings
  • a music composition published and/or recorded
  • a performance presented and/or recorded in a venue/at an event/through a performance publication platform of prestigious calibre and/or high-impact significance/wide dissemination.

Thesis: At the Melbourne Conservatorium of Music, a thesis refers to a submission for the award of a PhD, and may consist of creative/practice-led works in addition to a dissertation and/or exegesis.

It is suggested that in the final 3 months of candidature, the PhD candidate and supervisor touch base on this imminent post-submission period, with a view to devising a suitable project for the Award, so that timing of application for the Award is streamlined at the point of timely thesis submission. (You might think of submitting your thesis as a two-stage process that includes the Writing-Up Award application (especially if your thesis submission date falls between the Award submission times!)

You can download the application form here