Bachelor of Fine Arts


Pre-Orientation Workshops will be hosted across 2-15 February and are designed to help you get started. Learn more about room bookings, course planning, and more. Register via Pre-Orientation Workshops.

Monday 20 February

3.00-3.30pm, Welcome Ritual
Meet your cohort on St. Kilda Road, outside Building 864, Room 221

3.30-4.30pm, Formal Welcome to VCA culture and community with Dance staff introductions
Delivered in Building 864, Room 221

4.30-5.30pm, Tour, locker allocation, and studio etiquette
Delivered across Building 864 

5.30-7.00pm, Meet and Greet BBQ with Dance staff and students 
Hosted in the  Red Shed BBQ Area

Tuesday 21 February

Southbank Welcome Day is your chance to get to know your new Faculty.

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10.30-11.30am, Faculty Orientation
Southbank Welcome Day starts here with your official welcome to the Fine Arts and Music community.
Hosted live from Hanson Dyer Hall, Ian Potter Southbank Centre

11.30am-12.00pm, Welcome to Country and Smoking Ceremony
Take a moment by the fire to acknowledge the traditional custodians of the land.
Delivered in Linear Park

12.00-2.30pm, Southbank Welcome Festival
Enjoy food trucks, good vibes, and entertainment as you explore your campus!
Join the fun in the Wilin Garden, Southbank Campus

Wednesday 22 February

9.00-10.30am, Introductory Workshop: Contemporary Technique
Delivered in Building 864, Room 201

11.00am-12.15pm, Dancer Health, Safety, and Wellness

Delivered in Building 864, Room 221

1.00-2.00pm, Peer Mentoring Session
Meet your mentor in Linear Park

2.00-4.00pm, Melbourne Commencement Ceremony Festival
Join the celebrations in the Wilin Garden

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Thursday 23 February

9.00-10.30am, Introductory Workshop: Ballet for Contemporary Dance
Delivered in Building 864, Room 201

11.00am-12.30pm,  Production Briefing

2.00-5.00pm, Industry Tour (off campus)
Meet at Lucy Guerin Inc

6.00-9.00pm, O-Week Student Party
Hosted by Buxton Contemporary

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Friday 24 February

9.00-10.30am, Introductory Workshop: Contemporary Dance
Delivered in Building 864, Room 221

11.00am-12.30pm, Library Induction
Delivered in Digital Teaching Hub ( Building 863, Room G09)

1.00-2.00pm, Mob Feed
Hosted in the Red Shed BBQ Area, Wilin Garden 
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students are invited to come grab a feed and meet your fellow First Nations students. You'll also receive your Orientation Wilin backpack filled with scholarship information, resources, and goodies.

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2.00-3.30pm, School Dance Ethics and Identity: Who We Are
Delivered in Building 864, Room 221