For information on how to view your timetable and make room bookings

Frequently Asked Questions

The following Frequently Asked Questions have been created to assist you in making bookings. These FAQ’s will be updated regularly and we welcome feedback on what information should also be included.

Accessing my timetable

Q: How to log in.

A: Log in with your University username and password

Q: What do I do if I can't log in to ASIMUT?

A: Please contact us via the Enquiry Form

Q: Why can’t I see my timetable?

A: Timetables are linked to your enrolment in individual subjects. To see the timetable for a subject, you will need to enrol in that subject. If you have recently enrolled, your timetable will become available on the next business day. Please check the handbook for information on subjects to enrol in to.

Q: Why can't I see a breadth subject?

A: Only subjects that are in the Faculty of Fine Arts & Music are available in ASIMUT. Any subject enrolled in outside of the Faculty (e.g. breadth) will not appear.

How much time I can book

Q: How many hours can I book a space for?

A: Every student has been provided with a booking quota, this is the number of hours you can book per day, or over a period of time. Your booking quota can be seen on the top left hand side of the ASIMUT screen.

Q: What are the different types of quotas?

A: There are three types of quota, identified by the example below:


  1. is the total overall number of hours of your quota limit, which is broken down into:
  2. Quota for xxx date is the number of hours that can be booked on that date
  3. Peak quota is the number of hours that can be booked during business hours which are Monday-Friday 9:00am to 5:00pm

Q: Why use quotas?

A: Quotas allow for equitable access to spaces and prevent any spaces being booked out by a single person. Once used, your quota will replenish the next day.

Q: Can I still book a space if I have used up my quota?

A: Students with a daily quota limit will still be able to book a space if your quota has been used if there is a space free in the next two hours. Note: bookings can only be made in the next two hours if a quota has been used.

Q: Can I offer some of my quota to a friend?

A: No, you are unable to transfer quotas.

Q: My supervisor has given me special permission to go over the quota – what do I do?

A: Your supervisor will need to contact the support office using the enquiry form.

Q: Can I give feedback on the way quotas are used?

A: As ASIMUT is a new system, we anticipate changes to quotas over time based on how much space is being booked. We will be seeking feedback from students on a regular basis to ensure quotas are being used effectively.

Spaces I can book

Q: Can I book any space I want?

A: No, students can only book spaces which are needed for study in your discipline area. Please check the side panel of the location’s site for information. If you are not permitted to book a space, you will see the following message when attempting to book that space

Red Message

Q: Can I see more information about a space?

A: Yes, by clicking into a space to make a booking, you can see useful information about that space on the left-hand side of the screen. This will show you a photo of the space, the inventory in the space, and the dates and times the space is available to book.

Location info

Q: How do I know which spaces I can book?

A: We recommend you choose a location to book by selecting the ‘Please book primarily here’ link on the left-hand side of the screen. This will show all the spaces that are available for you to book and which have been prioritized for you. If you are on the mobile interface, it will automatically select only the rooms you can book.

Book Primarily here

Q: How do I gain access in to a space that is not available for me to book?

A: Each space contains a set of useful information about that space, including who can book the space. If it requires an induction, please contact the technical person of that area to arrange one. Specialised technical spaces (e.g. Space 28, Riding School, Costume and Stagecraft workshops, etc) are unavailable for bookings by students.

Q: How do I access other Parkville practice rooms not on ASIMUT?

A: As a music student, you have access to 24-hr drop-in spaces at 214 Berkeley St, accessible with your student card. The Basement Grand Piano Practice Rooms, B81, Loughlin Room, 210 Berkeley St, 151 Barry St, 25-27 Royal Pde are available to book on ASIMUT.
Heinze, Tallis and Melba Hall are not available for students to book except under special circumstances. All requests are via fineartsmusic-bookings@unimelb.edu.au

Q: Can I amend or cancel my booking?

A: Yes, it is easy to amend or cancel be clicking in the booking you have made and selecting to either change to times, or cancel the booking. Please note that booking can not be cancelled if the booking start time has already passed.

Making bookings for a group

Q: Can I make a booking on behalf of a group?

A: Some students can make a group booking on behalf of other students. To attach others to a booking, choose a category that allows group bookings from the drop-down menu when making a booking, then type in other students who will be attending the booking with you. If you are unable to choose a category, this options has been disabled for your cohort.

Access to Drop-in Spaces

Q: How do I access a drop-in space?

A: If you are part of the cohort that needs to access to a drop-in space, such as a workshop or design studio, your student card will gain you entry. Some rooms have a pin code for entrance, which students will be given at the start of the semester. If you want to access a space and you are not part of the cohort that has access, you are unable to use the space.

Q: How do I book equipment for use in the space?

A: The technical support officer in your area can assist you with that if the request is made in advance. For more information contact fineartsmusic-io@unimelb.edu.au.

Afterhours Bookings

Q: What if my room is booked and the door is locked?

A: Please call Southbank Campus Services on 9035 9311