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The Faculty of Fine Arts and Music Semester 1 timetable is now available. Be sure to enrol in your subjects before you check back on this date.

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Watch an overview of the Asimut booking system on YouTube

Watch some video guides on how to view your timetable and how to make and amend your bookings.

Asimut: How to book a room

Asimut: How to amend or cancel a booking

Asimut: How to make a group booking

Read some useful guides to help view your timetable and make bookings.

Below we have created guides for you to read in PDF format.

How to Sync your ASIMUT Calendar


How to Guides

How to Make an Ad Hoc Booking

How to Make a Group Booking

How to Amend an Ad Hoc Booking

How to Cancel an Ad Hoc Booking

How to Amend and Cancel a Group Booking

For information on how to view your timetable and make room bookings

Explore our FAQs on Timetables and Bookings

As a student of the Faculty of Fine Arts and Music you have access to designated facilities within your Department.

Terms and Conditions - Room Bookings

By making a room booking, you agree to the following conditions:

  1. Bookings will not be made for any form of private teaching to members of the public
  2. Bookings will not be made to generate profit or involve any form of financial transaction
  3. You will be present in the space booked for the duration of your booking
  4. You will be able to provide your University ID card upon request to staff members of the University for the duration of your booking
  5. You will not provide your University ID card to any another person for the purposes of accessing spaces
  6. Spaces will be left in a clean and tidy state
  7. Any damage to spaces or equipment will be promptly reported to fineartsmusic-io@unimelb.edu.au
  8. No furniture, equipment, instruments or other items will be removed from a space
  9. You will cancel any booking that are no longer required in advance
  10. Your adhoc booking may be changed or cancelled at short notice if the room is required for curriculum purposes.

Any breaches of the above conditions, or misuse of any space, will result in booking privileges being restricted.

Please submit an enquiry for any technical support with ASIMUT.

For enquiries such as class attendance, class details or other academically-related queries, please contact the Subject Coordinator.

Be sure to refer to the FAQs above before sending a request.

All staff users, please submit your enquiry via the Intranet

All student users, will no longer be required to set up/use their ASIMUT passwords, but instead will be able log in using their University credentials, the same way University email accounts and other University services are accessed.

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