Visual Art Breadth FAQ

Frequently asked questions for School of Art breadth subjects

Below are some Frequently Asked Questions we have had in regards to breadth subjects delivered within the School of Art at the Victorian College of the Arts.

For further information please contact Stop 1

  • I can’t enrol in the VCA Art Breadth subject that I want to do. Are there other VCA Art subjects I can enrol in?

    In 2019 there are 8 planned subjects for the School of Art Breadth program. If you cannot enrol in one subject you may wish to try and enrol in others. These are:

  • The subject I want to enrol in has no places left. Can I enrol?

    If you cannot enrol in a subject this is likely to mean that it has reached its quota. Some subjects will state in the handbook that quotas apply which means the subject can only take an amount of students.

    However, spaces do occasionally come up as students change their enrolments around. Therefore, the only way that you can tell if there is a space and to have a chance of enrolling is to try to enrol online via my.unimelb. If you manage to enrol, this means that you have secured a place in the subject.

    If you regularly keep trying to enrol online you will have the best chance of being the first to get a space if one becomes available (if another student withdraws from the subject). Please be aware of enrolment dates via

    We do not offer a waiting list for any of our School of Art Breadth subjects. Staff do not track enrolment numbers, so we cannot tell you if there are any places.

    If you need assistance or have questions about enrolment or registration please contact Stop 1.

  • I want to change the delivery period/availability that I am enrolled in

    e.g. I want to change from Painting Techniques Summer to Painting Techniques February

    Some of our subjects have quotas and if both availabilities for the same subject have reached quota, you will not be able to change availability.

    We recommend you familiarise yourself with the Enrolment Dates and subject delivery dates to avoid disappointment.

    Please note quota subjects often fill up very quickly when re-enrolment opens.

    Contact Stop 1 if you need any assistance with enrolling or withdrawing.

  • I have not made art before, or I feel like I can’t draw or paint – can I do this subject?

    All of our Breadth subjects in VCA Art are designed to be suitable for students with little or no previous art making experience, though they can also cater to those who have made art in the past, and can suit students who have previously undertaken a VCA Art Breadth subject or similar. The classes are very much based around helping you to learn the various techniques and skills required to successfully complete the subject.

  • I cannot hand my folio in at the stipulated time, what should I do?

    You need to contact the subject coordinator to discuss this.

  • Why can’t I register in this subject?

    Registrations open at different times, depending on when the subject is starting. For registration opening times specific to the availability/delivery period that you are enrolled in, please see the information here:

    Please note: if you are enrolled in an intensive you will need to open up the “Intensive Subjects” tab below the main table.

    If registration has already opened for your subject and you are having trouble registering, please contact Stop 1 for assistance.