Digital Archive Features

As a learning and teaching resource, the VCA Film and Television Digital Archive enables students and educators to search and access films created by past student filmmakers and dating back to 1966, as well as searching for all contemporary films.

Users of the VCA Film and Television Digital Archive are able to:

  • Create custom playlists
  • Generate short excerpts of films
  • Search across rich metadata for similar themes, budgets, locations, collaborators, genres, and more.

Teaching staff will have the opportunity to draw easily on current and past examples of our students' filmmaking, in lectures, research notes and assignments. Having the ability to engage with such rich material will enliven discourse about filmmaking techniques and processes while providing staff, students and the public with a rich source of research material to draw from.

Additionally, by employing filtered searches across metadata, researchers will be able to draw from a rich tapestry of films that are historically, culturally, and socially significant. Researchers will be able to locate and access films featuring diverse communities, experiences, and languages.

As the archive continues to develop and grow, new and rich connections will be made. Soon, more features will be added to enhance its pedagogical and research potential, so that audiences can interact with this significant collection.