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Remedy poster
Remedy poster

Jon Campbell, eminent VCA Alumna and former staff member has curated two programs of performance by alumna, staff, current students. For over 15 years, Campbell’s REMEDY programs encouraged VCA students to explore artistic expression beyond studio practice to include music, spoken word and performance art. Both sessions of REMEDY 2017include a heady mix of new and familiar faces.

Featured Artists/Performers

Lucy McMillan
Renny Kodgers
Annabelle Hayes & Marcus Carne & Lewis Bull
GUGG (Christopher L G Hill, Alex Vivian)
David Sequeira
Megan Kennedy & Kayt Peddlesden
Eric Demetriou
Sean Peoples
Mia Schoen
red debris (Rachel Button & Skye Baker)
PAMELA (Georgina Glanville, Minna Gilligan, Jon Campbell)
Ariane Jaccarini & Benjamin Baker
Kim Donaldson
Naoise Halloran-Mackay
Cinnamon Dynamo (Noriko Nakamura)
Painting Choir
The Band Presents

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