Applications and auditions

Information for new applicants including important dates and audition schedules.

Updates will be posted to this page closer to the published audition or interview period

Information about admissions and enrolments for Fine Arts and Music courses is published on this page as it becomes available. Scroll down to the bottom of the page for Frequently Asked Questions. If you cannot find the information you are looking for, please contact

Frequently asked questions

  • Where can I find audition and interview information specific to my course?

    For undergraduate courses (Bachelor of Fine Arts/Bachelor of Music):
    Check out the "Entry Requirements - Admissions Criteria" section from our site for the course you are applying for.

    For graduate courses:
    Check out the "How to Apply" section from our site for the course you are applying for.

  • How will I know my application has been received?

    You will receive a confirmation email once you have successfully submitted your supplementary form. Please check your email junk email folders for missing confirmation emails. We strongly advise you to add the domain to your approved email contacts. If you have not received anything, please contact us to check that the email you provided is correct.

  • When do I receive my audition/interview time?

    You will receive an email notifying you of your audition or interview time a minimum of 2 weeks beforehand. Don’t contact us – we’ll contact you!

  • What if I cannot attend my audition or interview?

    Attending a live audition or interview is your best chance of being accepted into the course. If there are dates you are unavailable (e.g. because of a VCE exam or other legitimate reason, NOT because you want to go to schoolies!), please detail this on the supplementary form or via email. If we cannot schedule you for a live audition or interview, in most cases you will be offered the opportunity to submit a recorded audition or do a telephone interview.

  • Am I able to provide my own accompanist for a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Music Theatre) audition?

    No, please do not bring your own accompanist for a BFA (Music Theatre) audition. An accompanist will be provided, please see the course entry requirements page for full details.

  • Am I able to get contact details for the accompanist for a Bachelor of Fine Art (Music Theatre) audition to practice with/contact prior?

    In the interests of fairness amongst all applicants, no contact details will be distributed for the accompanist. You will, however, have 5 minutes with them to talk through your cuts and tempo before entering the room.

  • Do I need to provide my own accompanist for a Bachelor of Music audition?

    Yes, applicants for the Bachelor of Music are expected to provide their own accompanist (for applicable instruments/specialisations). You can view a list of recommended accompanists here, although you are free to audition with any accompanist of your choosing (i.e. it doesn't have to be someone from our list).

  • When will I know the outcome of my application?

    You will be sent an advisory letter in December regarding the outcome of your audition or interview. This is not a formal offer from the University, but an indication of how well you went through the audition/interview process, so you can take this into consideration for any changes to your VTAC preferences. Formal offers from the University will be sent via email in January.

  • Can I receive credit for prior study?

    Yes, it is possible to receive credit for prior study (subject to approval). Domestic students are asked to apply for this once they have been accepted into a course.