Elly Scrine

Exploring relational competencies in music therapy group improvisation for people with borderline personality disorder. This PhD examines a critical feminist music therapy project with young people in high school. Foregrounded by my music therapy practice which is informed by anti-oppressive, participatory and resource-oriented frameworks, I seek to locate feminist music therapy into the burgeoning body of literature that explores arts-based activist research with young people. In parallel, I aim to contribute to the emerging body of feminist music therapy literature, by providing a leading example of the ways in which music therapists can support young people in schools to explore gender, power, and feminist activism. The primary component of the research is contextually bound by an eight-month data collection period spent in an outer Melbourne high school, during which I established a feminist music therapy program with several groups of young people. Data gathered over the project include critical ethnographic accounts, interviews with staff and students, and the songs and raps written by the young people involved.