Alter Kinetic

Bachelor of Fine Arts (Dance) and Bachelor of Fine Arts (Design and Production) students present our Graduating Season of Dance Works, Alter Kinetic.

This year’s graduating students have experienced unprecedented challenges throughout their degree as they navigated the changes brought about by the Global Pandemic. Moving between dancing in a virtual studio and dancing in real life, they have emerged as artists with a multiplicity of skills who understand how to communicate their craft regardless of the barriers encountered. In these strange times their creative and critical capacities bring attention to the urgencies of the present and the power of dance to connect across times, spaces and differences. In this Triple Bill, we draw attention to the kinetic as primary to how we shape-shift through life stages and states of emergence.

Three new contemporary works have been made on and with Bachelor of Fine Arts (Dance) working in collaboration with Bachelor of Fine Arts (Design and Production) students: Guest Choreographer Lucy Guerin’s Splinter Group; Hutchinson First Nations Fellow, Ngioka Bunda-Heath’s Footprints and Resident Choreographer Julie Ann MinaaiBORO.

Delving into distinct worlds of the choreographic imagination, these works explore group synergy, rhythmic complicity, falling, shape-shifting and the traces we leave behind. They speak through the corporeal and ancestral imagination to inscribe mutable and changing worlds within a condition of continuous dancing.

Join with us in celebrating the arrival of our third year students at the threshold of becoming, marking their transition into the profession.

— Professor Carol Brown, Head of VCA Dance

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As transient beings in this world, the footprints we leave behind are what we are remembered by. Footprints explores cycles, coming full circle and leaving behind a part of ourselves.

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How do we define ourselves in the context of others and the outside? How does our image of identity align with, or differ from, how we are perceived? Through playful and mercurial forest creatures the dancers embody evolving traits and unpredictable qualities, resisting stereotypes, and offering a portal into different parts of our selves.

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Splinter Group

An ensemble work concerned with ideas of the group, of social movements, and the role of the individual.

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9th Nov 2022
12th Nov 2022


Space 28

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Type: Performance
School: Victorian College of the Arts


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