Alter Kinetic


As transient beings in this world, the footprints we leave behind are what we are remembered by. Footprints explores cycles, coming full circle and leaving behind a part of ourselves.

Ngioka Bunda-Heath and Dancers

Zoë Brown-Holten, Iris Elgar, Wendy Feng, Lana Hubber, Jainam Mashruwala, Isabelle Nicolai, Rebekah Parsons, Aimee Raitman, Anna Tolotchkov, Katherine Whitaker

Indigenous Cultural Advisor
Rheannan Port

Rehearsal Assistant
Karlia Cook

Set and Costume Designer
Filipe Filihia

Lighting Designer
Elly Baigent*

Composer / Sound Designer
Diamond Lee^


How do we define ourselves in the context of others and the outside? How does our image of identity align with, or differ from, how we are perceived? Through playful and mercurial forest creatures the dancers embody evolving traits and unpredictable qualities, resisting stereotypes, and offering a portal into different parts of our selves.

Julie Ann Minaai and Dancers

Talia Benson, Valentina Dillon, Katherine Hegeman, Zoe Howard, Cora Hughes, Freya Humphery, Patrick O'Luanaigh, Rebekah Parsons, Tai Platania, Samakshi Sidhu, Erin Taube, Carly Tyzzer

Rehearsal Director
Kialea-Nadine Williams

Set and Costume Designer
Saskia Permezel

Lighting Designer
Natalya Shield*

Serge Balaam^

Special thanks to Nicole Corea for rehearsal feedback

Splinter Group

An ensemble work concerned with ideas of the group, of social movements, and the role of the individual.

Lucy Guerin and Dancers

Talia Benson, Zoë Brown-Holten, Valentina Dillon, Iris Elgar, Wendy Feng, Katherine Hegeman, Zoe Howard, Lana Hubber, Cora Hughes, Freya Humphery, Jainam Mashruwala, Isabelle Nicolai, Patrick O'Luanaigh, Rebekah Parsons, Tai Platania, Aimee Raitman, Samakshi Sidhu, Erin Taube, Anna Tolotchkov, Carly Tyzzer

Rehearsal Director
Kialea-Nadine Williams

Assistant Rehearsal Director
Katherine Whitaker

Set and Costume Designer
Rachel Nankin*

Lighting Designer
Elly Baigent*

Sound Designer
Ethan Hunter*

‘Chukhung’ by Biosphere
‘Curzon’ by Demdike Stare
‘So Much Love’ by Farben

'Noccturnal Sunrise'
Written by Fernando Corona
Performed by Murcof
Published by District 6 Music Publishing Ltd Courtesy of The Leaf Label & District 6

‘Tloque Nahuaque’ by Uriel Villalobos & the Orquesta invisible de Lagos de Moreno
‘The Canonization’ by Scanner

A special thank you to Piroska Vojlay for contribution of dance material to the Splinter Group and Footprints choreographic processes.


Technical Manager
Luke Grana*

Production Stage Manager
Jenny Le*

Deputy Stage Manager
Alexandra Jaensch

Senior Costumiers
Evie Housham*
Rebeca Silveira*

Costume Manager
Taishah Simcox

Costume Assistant
Tait Adams

Head Electrician
Harrison Croft

Deputy Head Electrician / Lighting Programmer and Operator
Lara Gabor

Lighting Crew
Amber Swank
Sophie Walter

James Wright, NON Studio

Gregory Lorenzutti

*Third year Bachelor of Fine Arts (Design and Production) student 
^Bachelor of Music (Interactive Composition) student 


Production Coordinator
Lyndie Li Wan Po

Stagecraft Project Coordinator
Alan Logan

Construction Consultant
James Clarke

Scenic Art Department
Morgan Jones

Costume Supervisor
Elizabeth Maisey

Audio Engineers
Eugene Mackinnon, Riley McCullagh


Production Academic Mentors
Peter Darby, Lexi De Silva, Erin Shepherd

VCA Production Academic Staff
Anna Cordingley, Martyn Coutts, Jo Evans, Amanda Hitten, Lisa Mibus, Lisa Osborn, Matt Scott

VCA Dance Academic Staff
Carol Brown, Kialea-Nadine Williams, Rheannan Port, Anna Smith, Megan Beckwith, Brenton Surgenor, Kalman Warhaft, Julie Ann Minaai

VCA Dance Sessional Staff
Kimball Wong, Samantha Hines, Nicole Corea, Georgia Rudd, Chimene Steele-Prior, Rebecca Jensen, Deanne Butterworth, Jenni Large, Rachel Coulson

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