Atlas | gadhaba kurrawan - weaving and bringing together

The title for this work - Atlas | gadhaba kurrawan - weaving and bringing together - was arrived at through a collective desire by the choreographers to celebrate our emerging dance and production artists from VCA as agents of a world that is changing. A revitalised localism is met with an appreciation of  cosmological design as the underscore for this performance.   

We thank N’arweet Carolyn Briggs for gifting the Boonwurrung expression - gadhaba kurrawan - that speaks to the collaborative and collective in dance as a weaving and bringing together within a cosmology that is born of the lands, skies and waters on which we make, move and share our stories. Dancing is a vital act of transfer, of knowledge, expression and story. And yet 2021 has involved for these students a dance of disorientation that called for stamina in enduring rehearsals and classes that pivoted online due to the Global Health Pandemic.  

We learnt a lot from this incredibly hard experience but perhaps one of the most precious things we have (re)discovered is new-old ways of bringing together and weaving. Performance as gathering and as presence that holds past, present and future, has never been more urgent a way for us to reconvene and recommit to the vitality of life and to respect for the lands, airs, waters and peoples of the places we live, work and dance. Congratulations to our graduating dancers and production students who have endured so much in this year of unprecedentedness. Their bravery and tenacity gives us hope for more events like this that gadhaba kurrawan, weave and bring us together.

— Professor Carol Brown, Head of VCA Dance

Here We Have It

Chapter Seven



25th Nov 2021
27th Nov 2021


Space 28,
within Performing Arts Dodds Street

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Type: Performance
School: Victorian College of the Arts