Cheryl Ho


First Commissions inspired by Self Portrait with Monkeys: divulge an unattainable desire.

Artist Statement

Room explores the desire of wanting to be in both Singapore and Melbourne. Set in a bedroom, in a space where these two cities seem to collide, we see little glimpses of home, of belonging, and of distance. Here each object holds a story – a memory or desire – from the people who love us from afar and the people we love right where we are.


Cheryl Ho, Co-creator, Bachelor of Fine Arts (Acting), 2018
Ng Sze Min, Co-creator,Text and Music, Bachelor of Music (Interactive Composition), 2017

Additional Credits

Levina Hindarto Then (Set Designer), Master of Design (Live Performance), 2016
Rachel Lee (Lighting Designer), Bachelor of Fine Arts (Production), 2017


23rd Aug 2019

 Further information

Type: First Commissions
School: Victorian College of the Arts