Darrin Archer

Reflections on Zen Meditation For 5 octave marimba, in 3 movements

First Commissions inspired by The Age of Maturity: examine the inevitability of time.

Artist Statement

Reflections on Zen Meditation examines the inevitability of the passing of time, as well as the desire to hold onto youth. Inspired by improvisations from an album recorded in 1964 (in Japan): Music for Zen Meditation. The result is a 3-movement work for marimba. Each movement reflects on an aspect of Zen meditation, and/or themes based on Zen philosophy.


Darrin Archer: Composer, Master of Music (Composition), 2019 Therese Ng: Marimba, video


3rd Jul 2019

 Further information

Type: First Commissions
School: Melbourne Conservatorium of Music