Edwina Green

Post-Colonial in Blak

First Commissions inspired by The Sleeping Beauty: portray an extravagant political figure.

Artist Statement

Post-Colonial in Blak​ speaks about the attempted erasure of Indigenous epistemologies and ultimately the political nature of first nations people within the ‘institution.’ This infrastructure was built on our sacred land, but was never made for ​us​. Our bodies, presence and input within these spaces as Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students and academics is an inherently political position, we carry this with us in everything that we do; we can place these clothes on our back, and cover our skin, but we will always be blak. We are our own political representatives in every form. There is no one who represents us better than us. We are your ​extravagant political figures​, and we are our own voice, don’t write our narrative - Listen to us when we speak. Working across installation, film/video, painting, photography and textiles, Edwina’s work, informed by her Aboriginal heritage as a Trawlwoolway woman, creates narratives that engage, provoke, and question the viewers place within society and their interaction with the post-colonial paradigm and it’s affects on people and place. This work comprises 9 colonial jackets with the blak flag.


Edwina Green, Bachelor of Fine Arts (Visual Art), graduating 2019


3rd Jul 2019

 Further information

Type: First Commissions
School: Victorian College of the Arts