Ellen Grimshaw

Just Us Girls

First Commission inspired by Hurricane: rally against a social injustice.

Artist statement:
Just Us Girls is a sane reaction to the patriarchy – a lamentation against the misogynistic, sexist, binary, conformist behaviour that white gendered males have enacted on me and every woman I know. It is a call to arms to all women to stick together, support and celebrate one another’s confidence and queerness, and rise above the ludicrous patriarchal myths that separate us. We need to stick together in the face of these ragingly inhumane social injustices of inequality, or stay marginalised, repressed and compliant to what the patriarchy wants.


Ellen Grimshaw, Master of Writing for Performance, 2018

Additional Credits

Romaine McSweeney - Actor
Sidney Miller - Sound
Penelope Peacock - The gold costume


3rd Jul 2019

 Further information

Type: First Commissions
School: Victorian College of the Arts