Emma Riches

For Sally

First Commissions inspired by The Age of Maturity: examine the inevitability of time.

Artist Statement

For Sally is an opening; a means to sculpt time. It ties us together, in a realm of nothingness. It is decaying. It stretches, warps the present. It is a meditation on the afterlife, painfully aware. It encounters innocence and beauty. It is empty. A vignette by David Eagleman speculates that in the afterlife we will re-experience the duration of our life in qualitative groupings, e.g. seventy-seven hours of being confused, two hundred days showering, one year watching television. This work contemplates groupings that are less tangible; moments and encounters we are less conscious of experiencing.


Emma Riches Bachelor of Fine Arts (Dance), 2015

Additional Credits

Performed by: Tra Mi Dinh, Luke Fryer, Emma Riches
Costume design: Helene Froisland
Sound design: Matthew Zambon


3rd Jul 2019

 Further information

Type: First Commissions
School: Victorian College of the Arts