Graduating students from Acting and Theatre, Dance, Design and Production, and Music Theatre present a series of exciting works and showcases.

  • Pile of Bones

    "We started this creative process back in August, in the depths of lockdown. All of us in our bedrooms, kitchens, hallways – crashing into furniture and dodging pets and...
  • Surge

    "Moving from order to chaos, from conformity to abandonment, in SURGE some 23 dancers join forces to control an ever-shifting equilibrium. Their shared territory is tested, ch...
  • Return to Normal

    "In a year where everyone has had to become accustomed to uncertainty, the feeling of starting and stopping has become a condition of living. This dance was filmed as three se...
  • Sight Unseen

    Sight Unseen: without the opportunity to look at the object in question beforehand. This is a piece in the form of an imaginary film. My inspiration is Fellini’s ‘8 ½’.
  • Three Miniatures from Lockdown

    These works are an accompaniment to Dance's Graduating Season, revealing how and where students danced for much of the academic year.
  • The World That Was

    Collect your ration pack, take off your gas mask, and tune into the world’s last radio broadcast.In 2035, a normal transmission is interrupted by the end of the world, a...
  • Baccarat

    Strap in – got a show for ya. It’s a gamble: could be a shitshow, could be the best thing you’ve ever seen. Time for a game of…Baccarat.Don’t ha...
  • Simulacrum

    at 8:00pm - 9:30pm
    Who are you and where do you belong? Can you let go of the character you’ve been playing? Lose the facade and dive deep into the wild west of Simulacrum.Peel back the cu...

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