Hannah McKittrick

Her Gaze is Hardening

First Commissions inspired by Titanic: create the impossible.

Artist Statement

Trigger Warning: rape, sexual and emotional abuse Her Gaze Is Hardening depicts the continuum of the ‘Rape Culture Pyramid’.

This pyramid illustrates the spectrum of rape culture, from the normalisation of sexist jokes and attitudes, to the degradation of cat-calling, to the way that threatening behaviour leads to the removal of autonomy and the senselessness of explicit violence. ‘Equality’ means viewing everyone equally, particularly in terms of rights, respect and opportunity. Equality is sadly often labelled as radical and extreme by those whose privilege is threatened by the notion of equal standing between gender. Her Gaze is Hardening asks the question of how something as ethically and morally concrete as equality can be perceived as extreme, when its premise outlines balance?


Theo Carbo - guitar
Anna Durham - electronics


3rd Jul 2019

 Further information

Type: First Commissions
School: Melbourne Conservatorium of Music