Hannah Moore

Free Fall

First Commissions inspired by Self Portrait with Monkeys: divulge an unattainable desire.

Artist Statement

Free Fall is a moving picture of perpetual, low level angst, and what it would look like to shed that angst. Imagine giving in to the terror of free falling. Imagine letting go. Imagine knowing you were falling to your death and enjoying the breeze on the way down. Imagine waking up. That is the dream.


Hannah Moore Master of Film and Television (Narrative), 2018

Additional Credits

Hannah Moore - Director / Editor
Jack Peddy - Cinematographer
Chelsea Crosby - Performer
Marco Cher-Gibrand - Composer
George McFarlane - Production Manager
Russel Frost - Rigger / stunt coordinator
Mahima Gadiyar - First AC
Willy Pleasance - Gaffer
Sarah Petrasiunas - Grip
Nathan James - Assistant rigger


3rd Jul 2019

 Further information

Type: First Commissions
School: Victorian College of the Arts