Louis Smith


First Commissions inspired by The Age of Maturity: examine the inevitability of time.

Artist Statement

1/1 is the exploration of one’s relationship to time. As the concept of time is such a paradoxical and subjective concept, this album aims to articulate a number of subjective views on time, through the lens of Life, Earth, Death and Nostalgia. Corresponding to the title of each track, these themes of Life, Earth, Death and Nostalgia are explored programmatically through the music, with all of them adhering to the compositional style of minimalism.

Track No.1, Life, explores a mechanical aspect of one’s corporeal self with constant underlining rhythms suggesting breath, the circulation of blood, constant thought, sleep etc. This clear pulse is augmented and distorted throughout the piece’s duration, at one point dropping out entirely, hinting at the effect of physical change that occurs throughout one’s life, that eventually slows and fades to nothing. Track No. 2, Earth, articulates an observation of the constant, random, pulsing interaction nature has with time.

Initially inspired by the arrhythmic nature and timbre of wind-chimes, this track explores these observations through the use of overlapping motifs, that flow between sparse and dense textures. Track No. 3, Death, explores the concept of the eternal, a place void of time. Through the use of volume and saturation to create drone and feedback, coupled with the choral-like vocals, the sound becomes an overwhelming barrage of sonic texture that aims to carry you to an extra-corporeal environment, where time is non-existent. Lastly, track No. 4, Nostalgia, represents the fuzzy, cluttered, selective relationship we have to our memory of past events. With motifs of strong tonality that start but never fully resolve, emerging and fading into a bed of noise, represents the vivid yet fleeting nature of memory and nostalgia.


Louis Smith – Bachelor of Music, 2018

Additional Credits

Engineer, co-producer, co-mixer, 50% guitars, synthesizers, aux percussion: Theo Carbo.


3rd Jul 2019

 Further information

Type: First Commissions
School: Melbourne Conservatorium of Music