Lucy Foster

Sections 1 - 4

First Commissions inspired by The Great Petition: empower the powerless.

Artist Statement

Sections 1-4 is considered from the position of a traveller who consumes their surroundings through the restrictions of a lens.

A camera assumes the right to invade, exploit and effectively dismiss reality. Taking photos enhances the travel experience by seizing moments in which the photographer stands divided from the distant environment; the real stories, which are embedded on the other side of the lens are merely reduced to cubes of reflected light. This position of division is further asserted through the application of paint, bringing fourth awareness to the falsity of the image.

Silver Gelatin Hand Prints, Oil Paint (4)
Window Installation, Slide Projector.


Lucy Foster, Bachelor of Fine Art (Honours), 2018
Billy Hawkins, Bachelor of Fine Art (Honours), 2018


3rd Jul 2019

 Further information

Type: First Commissions
School: Victorian College of the Arts