"This performance of Origami experiments with a choreographic refolding of the works original architectural set designs and production elements forming a new aperture of spatial constructions and narratives. The students embarked upon an unexpected journey in the remounting of Origami (2006). Enforced Coronavirus lockdowns saw the students depart from the VCA studios to a process of remounting the work as housebound choreo-reconstruction.

"Becoming tourists in their own homes, the students experimented with reimaging the work’s origami inspired architectural designs and thematised Japanese customs in their isolation environments. Within corridors, living rooms, furnishings, driveways, backyards, surfaces and garages a new architectural deposit of origami materialised.

"Emerging from isolation, the students began remounting the work as process of improvisational tasking with the sceno-architectural elements of the original work.

"What you are viewing is a nuanced investigation of choreographic refoldings that suggests a new architectural blueprint of the original. Although the work was distanced from the possibility of achieving a true replication, the students have reconstructed a new inhabitation from the original concepts. I would like to thank each and every student for their focused commitment and open-mindedness in exploring the possibilities of achieving an innovative architectural refold of Origami (2006) under such challenging conditions."

— Phillip Adams

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9th Dec 2020


Space 28, within Performing Arts Dodds Street

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Type: Performance
School: Victorian College of the Arts