Return to Normal

"In a year where everyone has had to become accustomed to uncertainty, the feeling of starting and stopping has become a condition of living. This dance was filmed as three separate passages of continuous time, but the film is marked by regular interruptions of 0.5 second intervals. The continuity of movement is perpetually broken, and a new choreography is made in triplets of frames. Three possibilities of choreography produce a fourth, and the layering allows multiple potentials to exist simultaneously like a chimera that manifests as something real. I feel a sensation of optimism when I imagine we can be in one, two or three places at once.

"I want to thank all at the VCA, the designers and crew for their fantastic work, and especially thank the wonderful, thoughtful, intelligent dancers who have all kept the fire in their bellies through a difficult year. They’ve risen to the great challenge of persevering through. 2020 will be a year that won’t easily be forgotten."

— Antony Hamilton

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9th Dec 2020


Space 28,
within Performing Arts Dodds Street

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Type: Performance
School: Victorian College of the Arts