Samuel Kruesler

It’s not fair having 13 strings

First Commission inspired by Michelangelo's David: represent the idea of human physical perfection.

Artist Statement

“Limitations are universal, but if harnessed, can lead to triumphs of the imagination.”

Samuel was initially inspired by individuals who have all used commonly perceived imperfections to their advantage: Paralympian Aimee Mullens, guitarist composer Django Reinhardt, and professional rock climber Tommy Caldwell.

Limitations are universal, but if harnessed can lead to triumphs of the imagination. Using these stories of triumph over adversity as his starting point, Sam challenged himself to think beyond the traditional in order to reinvent the classic. It’s not fair having 13 strings is performed on a classical guitar with the A, G and E strings removed.

The piece is an exploration of the contrast of tone, colour and range between the remaining strings, leading to the introduction of unorthodox hand tapping, manipulation of the fret board and silent finger movements around the instrument developing a synergetic relationship to external sound. An original piece of instrumentation, this work sees the reimagining of a traditional instrument.


Samuel Kreusler Bachelor of Music (Interactive Composition), 2018 Bachelor of Music (Honours), 2019


3rd Jul 2019

 Further information

Type: First Commissions
School: Melbourne Conservatorium of Music