Shaun Wykes

The Murray Darling Cod

First Commissions inspired by The Sleeping Beauty: portray an extravagant political figure.

Artist Statement

The Murray Darling Cod explores the rise to political prominence of the species after the death of one million cod in the Darling River at the beginning of 2019. This film reframes water mismanagement around a non-human victim via the hallucinations of a dying cod. Purposely provocative and constructed to deliberately overwhelm, it presents a world in which the interconnectedness of things is tangibly uncomfortable, terrifying and funny.


Nicholas Moloney - Bachelor of Fine Arts (Production), 2018
Emily Burke - Masters of Directing for Performance, 2018
Brooke Rayner - Bachelor of Fine Arts (Acting), 2018
Alia Syed Rose - Masters of Design for Performance, 2019
Shaun Wykes - Masters of Directing for Performance, 2018

Additional Credits

Edward McCullough - Cinematography


3rd Jul 2019

 Further information

Type: First Commissions
School: Victorian College of the Arts