Sight Unseen

Sight Unseen: without the opportunity to look at the object in question beforehand.

This is a piece in the form of an imaginary film. My inspiration is Fellini’s ‘8 ½’.

Tasked with creating a work through disembodied and disconcerting means, this piece became focussed on illuminating dancing that emanates from often imperceptible spaces, and the volume of the body’s interior. As each dancer engaged with their own “unseen” movement capacities, more of their individually embodied dancing was revealed. The practice of revealing and concealing according to context weaves the dancers’ individual lineages into the work, questioning perceptions of what it is that is “seen” and how this is authenticated…individually, communally and societally.

My deep appreciation and thanks to the dancers for their generosity of spirit throughout the process, to Rachel and the designers for bringing to life the interior and exterior landscapes for the dancing to inhabit, to the chickens of Buster Hollow (NY) and the birds of many other lands, and to the wonderful network of seen and unseen people who have contributed to this work.

— Linda Sastradipradja

Complete credits


9th Dec 2020


Space 28,
within Performing Arts Dodds Street

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Type: Performance
School: Victorian College of the Arts