The initial idea for this work is seeded in the celebration of the integral relationship between dancer and songman/songwoman. An important pillar of First Nations storytelling, and one that has been of interest to me in my current research and ongoing cultural practice.

This relationship was to be explored by inviting our songman, Jaadwa man James Howard, to conduct an onstage five-piece jazz ensemble, which would be driving and conducting the dancers in space. Unfortunately, due to the most recent lockdown and set of restrictions this wasn’t able to be realised, however James continues to be a presence onstage, continuing the tradition of highlighting the songman/songwoman as much as the performers.

WAX is a celebration of this incredible group of fierce women, chronicling their past three years as kin and in support of each other. Their relationships and bond is what has made their success possible, and I have no doubt, has set them all up for continual growth and expansion.

My deep thanks and admiration to them all.

yindyamarra, Daniel Riley

Daniel Riley

Daniel Riley in collaboration with students 

Composer/Song Man
James Howard 

Nemo Lynn (Bass Guitar)
Matt Dooley (Drums)

Rehearsal Director
Luigi Vescio

VCA Dance Coordinator
Brianna Kell

Brittany Capill, Lauren Doyle, Ruby English, Gabrielle Fallon, Charlotte Henderson, Emily Keane, Natalie Koch, Sarah Kosoof, Marilyn Hannah Lau, Sarscha Lewis, Molly McKenzie, Caitlin Mewett, Jessica Nicholls, Alice O'Keeffe, Amelia O'Leary, Tara Quilligan, Gemma Sattler, Ella Sibel, Janelle Tan Yung Huey


Set and Costume Designer
Amelia Lane*

Lighting Designer
Ikshvak Sobti*

Sound Designer
Taarani Charrett-Dunlop

Vision Designer
August Shearman*

Associate Lighting Designer
August Shearman*

Production Stage Manager
Olivia Walker*

Deputy Stage Managers
Annie Gleisner, Jenny Le

Senior Costumier
Stephanie Sofia Lourantos*

Costume Manager
Jessamine Moffett

Head Electrician
Theodore Viney

Deputy Head Electrician / Lighting Programmer
Kane Wilson

Lighting Programmer / Lighting Operator
August Shearman*

Sound Programmer / Sound Operator
Taarani Charrett-Dunlop

* Third year BFA (Design and Production) student 


Production Coordinator
Paul Doyle

Stagecraft Project Coordinator
Alan Logan

Construction Consultants 
James Clarke, Jeremy Ford

Art Department
Morgan Jones

Costume Supervisor
Karen Blinco

Emily Lewis


Production Academic Mentors
Martyn Coutts, Lexi De Silva, Eugene Hallen, Niklas Pajanti, Erin Shepherd

VCA Dance Staff
Carol Brown, Brianna Kell, Luigi Vescio, Shinjita Roy

VCA Production Academic Staff
Anna Cordingley, Justin Green, Amanda Hitten, Lisa Mibus, Lisa Osborn, Matt Scott, Dr Chris Wenn

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