Willow Sizer

Cowboys and Taxes

First Commissions inspired by The Great Petition: empower the powerless.

Artist Statement

Cowboys and Taxes defines power as being in service of the status quo; conservative, patriarchal, white and heteronormative. Incorporating my experience as a live performance and variety artist with Rachel, and my song writing partnership, Cowboys and Taxes, the web series, was created in parody of traditional, formulaic music videos and sketches.

Cowboys and Taxes is a political satire using different styles of song to explore the imbalance and misuse of power in Australia, embedded withallusions to internet-based trends and references. The result is a hyper modern yet eclectic aesthetic; reminding us that the imbalance of power is still current – still modernizing itself, and always has been.


Willow Sizer Lyrics, dialogue, concept, design, producer.
Rachel Lewindon additional lyrics, arrangement, music production, concept, editing.

Additional Credits

Margot Tanjutco Director/Aesthetic Consultant
Kayla Hamill Director
Andrew Mills DOP/Editing
Adelaide Harney Lighting Design/Operator
Oliver Powell Album Production/Bass in Opportunity
Lucy Cawood Photography, Sound assistant


Kala Gare
Juan Gomez
Rachel Lewindon
Ayesha Madon
James Majoos
Willow Sizer


Marty Alix
Isabel Mulrooney
Chi Nguyen
Melanie O’Brien
Caitlin Spears
Kayla Hamill
Jessica  D’Souza


Oliver Powell (Bass)
Samuel Kreusler (Guitar)
Rachel Lewindon (Everything else)


3rd Jul 2019

 Further information

Type: First Commissions
School: Victorian College of the Arts