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Businesses must think outside the box to get ahead. Give your business an edge by harnessing the creative process to seek new ways of working where innovation, lateral thinking and creativity thrive.

Wilin Online Indigenous Cultural Literacies

The Wilin Online Cultural Literacies series centres Indigenous approaches to learning and creating. Each Melbourne MicroCert in the series features an act of material making designed to spark conversation, develop cultural literacies and foster respectful engagement with Indigenous knowledges.

Be introduced to Indigenous knowledge frameworks and approaches to community, relationships, and interconnectedness. Explore cultural protocols and how to responsibly apply principles of cultural safety when working with Indigenous cultures or communities.

The Wilin Centre's Online Cultural Literacies series currently includes programs on Acknowledgement of Country, Sharing of Indigenous Knowledges,  Indigenous Cultural and Creative Intellectual Property, and Indigenous Community Research. Contact us to discuss these courses, or to explore a custom course for your business needs.

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Artful Communications

The creative and performing arts have long history of engaging and capturing the attention of audiences, and the skills used to create successful performances can extend well beyond the arts.

By reshaping these skills for a professional context, they can teach individuals to communicate more effectively and authentically, build more collaborative relationships within their teams and organisation, and represent themselves and their employer to greater results.

At the University of Melbourne, experts in creative arts, psychology, and professional services have developed a range of courses that enable your teams to embrace their inner performer and communicate in an engaging, objective-driven manner – no matter the audience or circumstance.

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Our custom programs

The Faculty of Fine Arts and Music has been delivering corporate education and professional development courses for ten years to clients such as the Melbourne Business School, KPMG, BHP Billiton, Simplot Australia and the Boston Consulting Group.

Our courses are taught by leading arts practitioners who have developed practical and critical exercises to make the creative processes used by artists clear and pertinent for business and corporate employees.

Choose to adapt one of our existing courses, or we can tailor a program for your desired outcomes.

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