Corporate education

Businesses must think outside the box to get ahead. Give your business an edge by harnessing the creative process to seek new ways of working where innovation, lateral thinking and creativity thrive.

Art and business are perfect partners

Through the VCA and Conservatorium corporate education programs, your team will learn to build an environment of experimentation, self-assessment and creativity.

The modern artist is a pathfinder, explorer and experimenter, who applies investigative and critical thinking in the production of creative works. An artist’s approach relies upon free-thinking, role-playing, close collaboration, workshops and research.

In business, this approach can be drawn upon to foster innovation and challenge entrenched modes of thinking. Artists’ collaborations, such as an orchestra or a theatre production team, are now recognised as pioneering forms of team systems and project-oriented organisational structures.

Our corporate education programs are designed to help your business leverage the creative process for competitive advantage. We will show your team how to:

  • Thrive in an environment of experimentation, self-assessment and creativity
  • Push the boundaries of knowledge and innovation
  • Pursue creative originality.

Our corporate programs

An environment in which creativity in the arts can flourish requires at least three elements: paradox, complexity and volatility. It is no different in business, where industry leaders must keep looking forward, resisting the temptation to become complacent, to maintain competitiveness in an ever-changing environment.

The Faculty of Fine Arts and Music has been delivering corporate education and professional development courses for ten years to clients such as the Melbourne Business School, KPMG, BHP Billiton, Simplot Australia and the Boston Consulting Group.

Our courses are taught by leading arts practitioners who have developed practical and critical exercises to make the creative processes used by artists clear and pertinent for business and corporate employees.

Choose from existing courses, or we can tailor a program for your desired outcomes.

Example courses include:

Confident performance

A workshop that introduces effective presentation skills, through practical techniques such as breathing, physical presence and storytelling. Participants find their own preferred style and will also identify opportunities for improvement.

New ways of seeing

The aim of this workshop is to develop concentration skills, quick responses to visual thinking, hand and eye coordination, criteria for subjective and objective judgments and for the participants' collective effort in dealing with multiple opinions.

A way with words

Using Shakespeare as the conduit, this workshop is designed to engage participants with language and storytelling while finding their personal dynamic and passion in communication, including engaging emotion, using a full vocal range, and harnessing nervous energy.

Creativity and innovation

This workshop reveals the key processes artists use to create and innovate. Participants experiment with these processes, assess their own and each others results and work towards increasing their creativity and capability to adapt and experience new ways of generating ideas.

Rhythm of teams

Using rhythmic music from Cuba, Puerto Rico and Brazil, the group works with Latin American rhythms, hand and stick drumming techniques on a variety of traditional and non-traditional instruments. The process involves timing and leadership, solo and ensemble playing and listening skills, all of which can be translated back into the workplace.

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